Experience of use NovaSkin

How I got 10 years younger with NovaSkin cream: a real story of transformation

Valerie, Paris

Photo of packaging with cream, experience of using NovaSkin

I have never been able to boast of beautiful, smooth skin. In adolescence, acne plagued. After 35 - wrinkles, sagging skin, dull complexion. I began to get depressed because of this, until a beautician friend advised NovaSkin cream. I am writing a review to share my successful experience in facial rejuvenation.

Medical history and treatment search

I have always suffered from problems with the skin of my face, even a complex has formed. There was no desire to be photographed and so on. I spent a lot of money on different creams, toners, concealers. Some of them masked the problem well, but only masked it. I was looking for a remedy that would fix the problem. And finally I found NovaSkin. The cosmetologist advised, for which many thanks to her!

Treatment regimen

Photos before and after using the cream, the experience of using NovaSkin Valerie from Paris

I tell you how to use it step by step. Itself followed all the recommendations scrupulously. Don't forget about cleansing - it's mega-important!

Remove makeup and cleanse your face with a suitable lotion for your skin type. Pat your face dry with a dry cloth.

Step 2

Clean your face with an ice cube. Use your fingers to massage the area around the eyes and lips.

Step 3

Apply NovaSkin cream to forehead, cheeks and cheekbones, as well as décolleté. Slowly massage the cream all over your face. Do this massage for 2-3 minutes.

Step 4

Do this procedure daily at night until the desired result is achieved.

Avoid the eye area! In order not to irritate the mucous membrane.

Application results

The course of NovaSkin cream is designed for a month of use. But a week later, I fluttered with happiness, seeing how my face was changing. Selfie has become a favorite hobby. The husband jokes: Stop looking at yourself in the mirror. Insanely cool, working product. I bought it for my mother as a gift for the anniversary and I praise all my friends. I am very happy!